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Let Your Light Shine

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I always tell my children what my mother told me: “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want me to find out about - because I will find out about it.”

No one likes the thought of the things done in secret being brought to light. It’s a scary notion. Scary because we want to avoid the ramifications of our behavior. Today’s Gospel (Luke 8:16-18), however, ensures that this avoidance is ultimately impossible. Not only does God see everything, He will expose everything.

Perhaps, though, Jesus is not telling us this to scare us but to encourage us. After all, He is calling us to be lights in the world. He wants us to shine!

Maybe He wants to assure us that all the good works we perform in secret will one day be revealed. The acts of charity done without fanfare will be rewarded. The efficacious effects of quiet time spent in prayer will become obvious.

Likewise, God, Who knows the heart, will lay bare the intentions of our hearts. He will discern our efforts to do good, the desire to do His will, and aspiration to become holy. What is invisible to the human eye, Our Lord will made visible to all. In His mercy and love, He will reward us beyond anything we deserve.

Therefore, let us take advantage of all that He has given us to keep our light shining – the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, sacramentals, Scriptures, devotionals, a plethora of prayers, and our talents. The more we use the graces He sends us, the more graces we will receive. Then our light will be so bright, we won’t have to be afraid of the dark.

So, what "fuel for the fire" can you make use of today to help keep your light shining brightly - Mass, Adoration, meditation, a Rosary or chaplet, confession?

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, I praise You knowing that Your presence in my life means I never have to be afraid of the dark. May my light shine brightly in this world for Your glory. Amen.


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