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Saintly Moms: 25 Stories of Holiness

Saintly Moms reminds me I’m not alone. All the way back to Kelly Guest’s first story, that of our Blessed Mother Mary, the reader is assured that, first, motherhood is a vocation, as valued by God as that of missionaries who journey across the globe, and second, any cross I’ve carried — be it exhaustion, fear, self-doubt — sisters all the way down history’s long and winding road have shared that same cross. Her book is an uplifting, enlightening, comforting read.
-- Roberta Gore,

author of Amazing, Grace and Saint Genesius and Me, mother of 3

Kelly Guest describes herself as “a mom with a mission.” In these 25 vignettes she shares the fruits of her reflections on the lives of a range of saintly wives and mothers from whose witness she draws timely encouragement. Kelly shows the call to holiness at work in the ordinariness and the struggles of every day. “God uses us mothers to change the world,” she asserts, “even if it is just our little part of it.” 
-- Sister Marian Sartain, O.P.,

Dominican Sister of Saint Cecilia

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It can be easy to think that the lives of the saints are somehow faraway or unattainable for everyday moms like us, but this beautiful collection of stories of real-life saintly mothers proves otherwise. What a joy to read through the variety of examples of women who said yes to motherhood and yes to God in profoundly inspiring ways!

-- Danielle Bean, author, speaker, and brand manager at

Kelly Guest's book introduces you to 25 saintly friends to encourage you in the challenges of parenting. Meet a new holy BFF and gain a fresh perspective on familiar motherly saints.
-- Barb Szyszkiewicz,

editor at and

author of The Handy Little Guide to Prayer

The lives of the saints are a great source of inspiration and reassurance for us. The holy women in Saintly Moms can help us better to understand motherhood as a vocation, just like any other calling from God, and a path to holiness.

Whether you’re a new mom, a grandmother, or somewhere in between, this book will encourage all mothers in their vocation as they identify themselves in the lives of these saints, who also experienced the joys and challenges of being a mom. Their stories will also be inspiring to young women exploring the vocation of motherhood and anyone with an interest in saints who were mothers.

Each chapter profiles a different holy mother, reflects on a lesson learned in her life, and ends with a prayer through her intercession. While we grow in admiration and devotion to them, these Saintly Moms can help us see the saintly possibilities each one of us possesses.

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